Our Speakers’ Charter


The Edinburgh Skeptics Society is a member of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO), and we strive to abide by best practice in working with the people who volunteer with us in any capacity, including speaking or performing at our events and activities.


At Edinburgh Skeptics we depend entirely upon the generosity of our guest speakers and we pay reasonable travel expenses, but not a fee. Your comfort, convenience,  and safety are our priority while you provide your time.

What we guarantee:

  • Expenses will be agreed before the date of your talk.

  • Expenses will be settled before you leave the venue.


What expenses we cover by agreement:

  • Reasonable travel costs to and from the venue, for example:

    • Flights and train tickets (which either you or we may book),

    • Bus and tram tickets.

  • Travel costs provided in advance if requested, so you do not incur up-front expense.

  • Refreshments throughout the evening of the talk.

  • A meal and overnight accommodation for you (Usually with one of our members. We will offer £20 if you wish to book it yourself).


What we ask for from you as a speaker:

  • Estimates of your expenses to help us budget for the year.

  • To make reasonable efforts to minimise costs by booking ahead.

  • To let us know in good time if you need to stay in Edinburgh so we can help book your accommodation.

  • To talk to us about booking trains and flights, so we can give practical advice and help you plan.

Complaints procedure:


If you have any problems or concerns, please contact us in the first place and we will work with you to resolve them. If for any reason you do not feel the situation has been resolved fairly, please contact Sid Rodrigues who is not associated with Edinburgh Skeptics and who will endeavor to see that the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

Sid Rodrigues is co-founder of Soho Skeptics and works for the Conway Hall Ethical Society. He would be acting in a personal capacity. Neither Soho Skeptics, the Conway Hall Ethical Society, nor any other organisation that Sid Rodrigues is associated with has any connection with Edinburgh Skeptics.