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The Falkirk Triangle


A triangular area centering on the central Scottish town of Falkirk, roughly bounded by the M9, M8 and M80 motorways has become known in some quarters as a U.F.O hotspot and there are lots of reports of strange alien-like lights and weird encounters of the Scottish kind. The small town of Bonnybridge (pop. 6,800) seems to be where most of the sightings are reported. In 1979, forestry-worker Bob Taylor reported seeing a huge craft in the woods which he claims chased him and caused his car to fail to start. He walked home where his wife then called the police after seeing him in a distressed state. They investigated the woods and some reports say they found strange ladder like imprints where the craft had landed.

Several other reports, often around Bonnybridge, have been claimed over the years. 300 is one estimate and another claims that 1in3 residents have seen strange lights over the town. In the early 90's the local Sloggett family were walking towards the town on a clear march evening when they saw "a circle of light ahead of them". Isabella Sloggett said: “My daughter Carole and I saw a UFO land right in front of us. A door opened and there was a howl-like sound. I screamed and ran off terrified.” Local Councillor Billy Buchanan became so concerned at the reports he's appealed to three prime ministers – Cameron, Blair and Major – to order an urgent investigation. The Ministry of Defence say they are “satisfied that there is no evidence that the United Kingdom’s airspace might have been compromised by hostile or unauthorised foreign military activity.”

Buchanan campaigned for the town to be twinned with Roswell and had ambitious plans to build a multi-million-pound UFO theme park to increase tourism an area with high levels of deprivation and post-industrial malaise (to date unrealised). Paranormal investigator Ron Halliday has speculated that "Scientists have suggested that there could potentially be other dimensions which exist alongside our own. Could it be that above Bonnybridge, we are seeing into another world and that these sightings are dimensional interactions?" The town stands about 20 miles out on the flight-paths from both Glasgow and Edinburgh International Airports, near a large petrochemical works at Grangemouth (which often has large flame towers burning off excess gases), and a large power station with huge pylons and chimney both with bright flashing warning lights on top.

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