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Stevyn Colgan


Happy birthday to Stevyn Colgan. Stevyn is a former policeman and QI Elf as well as a writer, artist, performer and public speaker. Whilst in the police, he was a member of the award-winning Met Police Problem Solving Unit that used behavioural economics and creative thinking to tackle issues that did not respond to traditional policing or enforcement methods. He became an expert on problem-oriented policing. Stevyn only joined the police in 1980 after a £50 bet with his dad that he would see the training through. He retired from the police after 30 years' service. He wrote about his time in the police in his book: Why Did The Policeman Cross The Road?

Stevyn has also written several other books, both nonfiction and fiction, including: Joined-Up Thinking: How everything connects to everything else; Constable Colgan's Connectoscope: How One Thing Leads to Another; A Murder to Die For, and The Diabolical Club. He is also an accomplished artist and has illustrated several books and his drawings have appeared in several QI annuals.

His work as a QI elf - helping to prepare the TV show - is what most skeptics know him for. He also was one of the researcher/writers for BBC Radio 4's The Museum of Curiosity and in 2012 he co-wrote the pilot for a radio series called 101 People to Meet Before You (Or They) Die with Dan Schreiber. The first time Stevyn appeared at Edinburgh Skeptics he managed to trip on his way up to the stage and though he carried on with the show, he discovered later he had severely damaged his ankle. We hope nothing similar happens tonight when he will be doing his talk - ON HIS BIRTHDAY! - ' Life the Universe and Elderberries at the Banshee Labyrinth, 7:30.

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