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Slapping Therapy


Chinese born healer Hong Chi Xiao, a.k.a. former Taoist monk Master Xiao,was walking on a mountain once searching for enlightenment when a Buddhist monk appeared and taught him the ancient technique of “Paida lajin” as a cure for many ailments. Master Xiao wanted to spread his wisdom to the suffering so organised seminars and conferences in hotels around the world. His therapy was so simple anyone could do it and at his week long workshops (only £150 per day + accomodation), patients learned the ancient techniques that would 'Activate the body’s self-healing power and unlock the body’s energy channels'. 71 yo Grandmother Danielle Carr-Gomm was so taken with the expected results she attended Master Xiao's conference in Wiltshire in 2016 in an effort to cure her type-1 diabetes. Sadly the therapy was unsuccessful and she died at the conference.

Master Xiao, as you may have guessed, is not a former taoist Monk. He is infact a former Wall St trader resident in California. His 'therapy', that he basically invented, involves vigorous slapping of patients all over their body so hard until severe bruising occurs. Like cupping, this is supposed to be 'drawing out the blood toxins' and the skin turning black and blue is evidence of its effectiveness. It should go without saying that this is ridiculous new-age pseudoscience. Not only is it very uncomfortable and painful for patients, who are likely already suffering from chronic diseases already, it can be highly dangerous and cause long-term damage. Allied with the slapping is hard stretching of the joints and limbs which again, can cause severe and permanent damage in vulnerable patients. The slapping can be self administered or done by others.

In 2019, police in Wiltshire issued a warrant for Xiao's arrest on charges relating to Mrs Carr-Gormm's death. He had advised her at the seminar to abandon her insulin and to fast for three days. In her blog she described painful seizures and vomiting "the most horrible syrupy black stuff" before she died. Unfortunately British police cannot arrest Xiao at the moment because he is currently in an Australian prison having been found guilty last month of the 2017 manslaughter of a 6 year old child. The boy's mother and grandmother had taken him to a workshop in Sydney because "he was tired of being injected with insulin four times a day". At the seminar Xiao again advised fasting and the removal of his insulin, allied with the slapping and stretching 'treatment' which he said would allow the body to produce its own insulin. The boy's parents and Grandmother faced similar charges but were found not guilty. One can hardly imagine the fear and terror of that child being beaten black and blue by people who he thought loved and cared for him, whilst suffering the diabetic ketoacidosis that ultimately killed him.

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