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Sally Morgan


"Psychic Sally" Morgan styles herself as “Britain’s best-loved psychic” and, amongst other claims, she says she was Princess Diana's personal psychic. She received press attention in September 2011 after an audience member reported hearing information Sally repeated on stage being spoken from a technical box close to their seats. Sally denied wearing an earpiece but has been seen wearing earpieces in her TV show, which she says are purely for stage direction.

Skeptic Mark Tillbook handed out leaflets outside some of her performances and in 2014 was threatened and subjected to homophobic abuse by Sally's husband and son-in-law. It was reported that she subsequently sacked them from her management team.

In the Summer of 2018, Sally Morgan Enterprises went into voluntary liquidation following an £2.9m Accelerated Payment Notice claim by HMRC. Shortly after she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. Sally will be on in Musselburgh tonight, don't go and see her.

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