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Rhys Morgan


Rhys Morgan is a skeptical activist from Wales. He first came to prominence at the age of 15 when he raised awareness of the health risks of the Miracle Mineral Supplement, a substance containing bleach that was being marketed as a miracle cure for all sorts of conditions. He then went on to battle the infamous Burzynski Clinic in America over their bogus cancer cures. Possessing a determination admired by many for someone so young he quickly became a favourite in the UK skeptical community

Morgan's became interested in the Burzynski Clinic after seeing a fundraising campaign to send a woman with an inoperable tumour to the clinic for treatment. After writing about the clinic online, including highlighting the absence of evidence for many claims about their treatments, Morgan was subjected to a campaign of abuse and pressure intended to silence him. He received nasty correspondence from a man named Marc Stephens, claiming to be acting on behalf of the clinic. They threatened to contact his school about his activities, and even included satellite photos from Google Maps of the Morgan family home. Morgan published the entire exchange online, including asking some relevant questions about Stephens' legal credentials. The clinic later apologised and said it had severed all ties with Stephens, but continues to ply its trade in unproven cures.

He has received numerous awards over the years, including a grass roots skepticism award presented by the James Randi Educational Foundation. Morgan has written articles online and appeared in print, on broadcast media and podcasts to talk about his work, as well as attending skeptical conferences and events.

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