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Red Pilling


Red Pilling is a colloquial term used, mostly online, to describe the moment when someone “sees the world for what it really is”. This is most commonly used by white nationalists to describe the moment when they “understood” that the “Great Replacement” was happening. We have covered the Great Replacement in a previous Fact of the Day but it is the idea that white culture and people are being erased and replaced by the villain of their choosing, historically Jewish people. This was exemplified recently at the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville where a large group was seen chanting either “you will not replace us” or “Jews will not replace us”. Red Pilling is often just a synonym for radicalisation.

The term comes from the film The Matrix and refers to the scene where Morpheus offers Neo a red pill to know the truth or a blue pill to carry on in ignorance. Neo obviously chooses the red pill or else the film would have been much shorter. Neo is then able to see and understand the world as it really is and knows it is computer generated. The white nationalist views the “liberal media” that teaches tolerance as the simulated world and only those who can see the truth know this. Those of us that believe in tolerance and don’t recognise that white culture is at threat are those that have swallowed the blue pill.

Though this term is most commonly used by white nationalist it is sometimes used by other conspiracy theorists to describe when the conspiracy fell into place. Either way, if someone mentions a red pill moment it should be a red flag. Humans understand best from reviewing and coming to knowledge slowly, building on other things that you have learnt. A small bit of evidence in the opposing view shouldn’t be enough to overturn a well thought out position. It’s rare that a eureka moment works out to be correct.

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