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Ray Comfort


Writer, movie producer, pastor, debater, publisher, creationist and scourge of atheists everywhere; New Zealand born, US based evangelist Ray Comfort has no beginning to his talents. Comfort is also known as 'Banana-man' for his excruciating video where he claims the banana is "The atheist's worst nightmare" because it is perfectly designed for us by god. The video is a perfect example of bad reasoning and awful logic. He retracted his claim once it was pointed out that the banana humans consume now is vastly different from the wild banana, having been carefully selected over time.

Comfort regularly pushes the evolution = Hitler and Nazi connection, and has demonstrated homophobic and misogynistic views. In the mid-1990s Comfort persuaded Kirk Cameron, star of the cancelled hit sitcom Growing Pains, to become an evangelist. In 2002, the pair formed an organization called The Way of the Master to create videos and tracts on evangelism and it became a relatively successful radio, and later cable TV, show. Over the years their Living Waters Ministry has produced many books and videos parroting the same anti-evolution tropes - he famously created the 'Crocoduck' for a TV debate counterpoint - and he has been corrected so many times online and in person that he must be either lying or supremely ignorant.

Go watch the famous banana video. It is a lesson in bad thinking, quote-mining, poor argumentation and horrible logic wrapped up in sublime homo-erotic undercurrents.

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