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Perpetual motion machines


Perpetual Motion machines are hypothetical devices that can continue in motion without any loss of energy or with no external energy source maintaining it. Various attempts have been made over the centuries to build one despite the fact that it would violate the first or second laws of thermodynamics.

`Some ultra-efficient machines have been made but these all run on discrete external power sources such as barometric pressure or their energy use is near zero. Some designers have attempted to sell patents or have attracted investors to build machines, which seem to work, however as is always the case, investors always lose their money. The UK Patent office refuses to accept patent claims for them.

Dublin based company Steorn announced in 2006 that they had invented a technology to provide "free, clean, and constant energy" - essentially a perpetual motion machine – and set out to attract lots of investors. Despite investments of over €23m, the company shut down in 2016 due to lack of funds and no working prototype.

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