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Media Accuracy


In today's crazy world it can be harder than ever to obtain rational, fact-based analysis. There are many reasons why this is the case. Pressures on media (time & commercial) can make journalism appear to be poor quality, destroying the public's trust. Then there's the problem of bias, both intentional and unintentional, warping the view of a subject, leading to poor decision-making.

Knowing how to cut through the crap and find the right information can be tough. There are various places on the internet that try to fact-check claims that appear in the media. We'd start with some of those first. We'd also try to promote the skills needed to identify when a story or website may be of dubious origin or intentionally false. Finally, a base knowledge of human biases and how they can effect journalistic output wouldn't go amiss...

Unfortunately there's no one method to fix this. And talking about media literacy of course can't happen without acknowledging the real problems that exist even in well-established, professional journalism outlets. Nobody is saying that there aren't issues, before anybody jumps on us...

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