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Lizard People


"Lizard People" is an idea populated by, among many people ex-sports broadcaster David Icke, and maintains that many rich and powerful people are actually literally lizard-people in human disguises. This concept has been linked to anti-semitism as many of the people listed are notable Jewish people but Icke himself denies anti-semitism being behind his ideas. However they are certainly propagated many anti-semitic groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

A frankly astonishing 12 million people in the United States believe the world is ruled by lizard people. In 2008 "lizard people" even appeared as a candidate on a midterm ballot in Minnesota. The lizards are reported to be from a far-away star system, although if true their intentions are not immediately obvious. Some people believe that lizards have been visiting Earth on a regular basis to mate with humans.

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