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Jim Corr


One of the founder members of the Irish band The Corrs, along with his three siblings: Andrea, Sharon and Caroline, he is better known in skeptical circles as a full-blown conspiracy theorist. He says he saw a picture of the Pentagon after the 9/11 attacks and that got him interested in "geo-politics". He said: "It showed this 14ft-diameter hole and there was no imprint from the wings, there was no imprint from the vertical stabiliser and there was no imprint from the steel and titanium engines and I'm going what on earth's going on here?" Otherwise known as the Wiley E. Coyote school of impact trauma.

From there, Jim started pontificating on his website and in media interviews not just further misinformation about 9/11 but climate change denialism, anti-GMO and 'chemical-phobia' blogposts; he promoted homeopathy and other alt-med, and he even claimed the American military had a secret tectonic weapon which could have been used to cause the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. He's since bought into the pro-Trump Q-anon conspiracies and is a Trump and Irexit (Irish anti-EU) supporter. He gained quite a reputation for these views so someone (band management maybe?) got him to remove most of the blog posts on these subjects from his website in 2014.

However, Corr is still active on twitter and his feed is mostly now full of anti-vax, anti-immigrant, transphobic, anti-globalists, anti-'big-pharma', anti-fluoridation; indeed all the usual suspects. He is also a vocal supporter of Gemma O'Doherty, a former investigative journalist at the Irish Independent newspaper with similar conspiratorial views. O'Doherty has had legal wranglings with former Fringe speaker, science writer and cancer researcher David Robert Grimes, and In July 2019 O'Doherty's YouTube channel was permanently removed for violations of YouTube policy against hate speech.

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