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Indigo Children


Indigo Children are - in new age beliefs - children that possess special, advanced and, in some cases, supernatural abilities. The concept was based on ideas put forward by new-age proponents Nancy Ann Tappe, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober in the 1970's. The claim was that these special children could be identified by their aura colour of indigo (See fact of 17th June). Since then, the concept has grown through books, films and new-age conferences. These children as said to be much more intuitive, empathetic and creative than their peers, have a higher I.Q., some parents say they are the next stage in human evolution (?) and even possess paranormal abilities such as telepathy.

According to Tober and Carroll, indigo children may function poorly in conventional schools due to the child's rejection of authority, their being smarter or more spiritually mature than their teachers, and their lack of response to guilt-, fear- or manipulation-based discipline. However, child psychologists point out that no evidence of any of these specialities has been revealed and many of these attributes could apply - in varying degrees - to all children. When you Google the term, there are lots of websites to help you diagnose your child. They all contain ludicrous Barnum Statements such as "You Feel Entitled" or "You Question Authority" or even "You Are Destined To Be Here".

There does seem to be a link with ADHD and some of these children are ultimately diagnosed as such. It may be that an Indigo Child diagnosis is more palatable to parents and family that are suspicious of traditional medical diagnosis and pharmacological solutions. What, though, is more likely is that Mum & Dad can't believe that their precious little Justin or Fenella is just an ordinary kid like all the others and not that special.

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