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Hot Reading


Hot Reading is the term used to describe the trick used by psychics to describe details that the person being read for will believe they could have only found out through the spirits. This has been made easier in recent years with the internet increasing the capabilities of anyone to find an alarming amount of detail from just a name and an area. Sally Morgan has a bowl that collects the audiences wishes about who they want to be connected to and why. Now, if Sally Morgan was a fraud she could use that information given over from her audience to direct her entertainment show, but as she’s not a fraud then she obviously gets the message from her spirit guide.

Hot Reading has been used to catch out people by skeptics. They have disseminated false information online and then prompted a psychic to be guided to this bogus information by their spirit guide. Most famously caught out by this was Derek Acorah. He claimed to be in touch with Kreed Kafer a spirit, when in actuality this was all staged and Kreed Kafer was an anagram for Derek Faker.

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