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Hayley Stevens


Hayley Stevens - Happy Birthday - is an award-winning UK paranormal researcher, blogger, podcaster and former Ed Skeptics speaker. She has been studying the paranormal, ghosts and 'strange things' for a number of years. She does so in a rational and systematic search for the real reasons behind each phenomenon. Hayley also co-hosts the Spooktator Podcast.

Hayley started off as a believer - or at least non-skeptic - until she realised that the methods and experiments of her fellow ghost-hunters were not conducive to an honest search for explanations and that some were doing it for the wrong reasons. She has written a code of ethics and hopes to get other ghost hunters to follow best practice - not just from an evidentiary standpoint but also to minimise potential harm to vulnerable people and minors who may genuinely believe they are being haunted or who are simply scared of things they are unable to explain.

Go follow Hayley's blog. There's lots there to get your teeth into if you're interested in ghosts and the paranormal.

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