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German New Medicine


German New Medicine is a form of alternative medicine formulated in Germany in the 1980s. The creator of this pseudoscience was Ryke Geerd Hamer. He believed that he got testicular cancer due to the trauma of losing his sons in an accident. This made sense to him because his son came from his testicles so that’s where he got cancer. German New Medicine believes that the mind can heal the body, and once you resolve emotional issues your health issues will be resolved as well.

The main tenets of German New Medicine are that severe diseases originate from a shock event that is experienced by the sufferer. This can be “seen” on an MRI and this will correspond to the illness in the body. It also espouses the notion of a conflict resolution in fighting disease. This means there will be a point where you feel worse. It also isn't based on germ theory; it thinks that all disease is caused by emotional trauma not microbes. It talks about the body being in a state of “dis-ease” and if the mind can be eased and relieved then the body will heal itself.

There is very little science on display in German New Medicine despite Hamer being a registered doctor, prior to losing his license. He also was an anti-Semite. He believed that morphine and chemotherapy were a Jewish plot to destroy gentiles. Also that he lost his license to practice medicine due to a Jewish conspiracy. German New Medicine is fairly unknown but there is a practitioner of it in Edinburgh plying his trade.

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