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Food Babe


Vani Hari is an American blogger, writer and food campaigner who writes under the name The Food Babe. The former Computer Science expert has used her wildly popular blog and social media presence to criticise the US food industry, specifically the ingredients used in mass-production. She once wrote in her book, The Food Babe Way: "There is just no acceptable level of any chemical to ingest, ever".

She has ran successful campaigns to force Kraft Foods to remove certain yellow dyes from their Mac 'n' Cheese, caramel colouring from Newcastle Brown Ale, azodicarbonamide (which she called the "yoga mat chemical") from Subway rolls, and Starbucks to reformulate their pumpkin latte. She also claimed that Microwave ovens formed crystals that were similar to those formed when water was exposed to negative thoughts or beliefs (?) and that the air used in planes was not pure oxygen, complaining it was "mixed with nitrogen, sometimes almost at 50 per cent". Of course, our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen.

Hari has also campaigned against the use of any GMO's in food and has tweeted that vaccines have been "used as a genocide tool in the past". Her critics have said she "has no understanding of chemistry or food science" and accused her of "peddling pseudoscience".

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