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Dental Amalgam fillings


Dental amalgam is the most commonly used filling material for decayed and broken teeth and has been for over one hundred and fifty years. It is comprised of a mixture of roughly 50% mercury, 40% silver, and traces of tin, copper, and zinc. When mixed, the mercury reacts with the metals to form a hard, stable compound which has saved billions of teeth over the decades.

Because amalgam fillings contain mercury, a known neurotoxin, many people attribute a variety of diseases and conditions to its use. While it is true that small amounts of mercury are released from an amalgam filling during chewing, the available evidence does not show any adverse health outcomes due to the presence of amalgam fillings

As with anything, the adage “the dose makes the poison” applies here. That being said, there are many alternatives to silver amalgam to restore teeth, so be sure to speak with your dental professional to determine which material and restoration is right for you.

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