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David Icke


David Icke is a former British football player and fairly well-known BBC sports commentator who in 1990 announced on Terry Wogan's prime-time chat show (famously wearing a turquoise shell-suit) that he was the son of God and the the world would soon end. Icke went on to develop several conspiracy theories about secret cabals of literal lizard-people running the world. Though he denies anti-Semitism, many of these secret world rulers happen to be Jews and have also been the subject of years of attacks by Anti-Semites.

Icke has written several books and makes regular speaking tours propagating his ludicrous theories, many of which follow new-age tropes such as chakras, psychics, 'energy', 'vibrations' etc. combined with more traditional conspiracies such as the illuminati and new-World order; all tacked on with his unique take on secret aliens and shape-shifting lizard-people.

For some strange reason he has gained quite a following and now has nearly 200k twitter followers. Despite all his books being self-published due to allegations of anti-semitism he manages to make a good living.

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