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Copper and Magnetic Bracelets


Often sold to sufferers of painful and debilitating arthritis as a pain relief. The theory is that copper is absorbed via the skin and as its an essential mineral, it helps to reduce the inflammation in the joints and thus relieve pain. Often the bands are magnetised so that 'iron in the blood is drawn to the inflamed areas'. Other reasons given for wearing magnets as jewellry are: "modern day mankind may be magnetic deficient" and that there is a "recent decline in the Earth's magnetic field", which may be the "cause behind many recent unexplained illnesses, and why the use of magnets can have a positive effect in so many conditions". At least according to 'Magnets 4 Health - the No1 magnetic bracelet shop for big choice and great prices'.

It's all bollocks of course. There is no good evidence that wearing copper on your wrist or ankle can affect arthritis in any way and if magnets actually had an effect on the iron in our blood to draw it towards the magnet, good luck in the next MRI scan you get.

It doesn't stop 1000's of websites offering overpriced bracelets with dubious claims but fortunately a brief google search brings up reputable sites such as Arthritis Foundation, NHS and Arthritis Research UK who all state that there is no evidence for efficacy. Doesn't stop people wasting money on things like a magnet to put in their pets water bowls so "you'll see that it will mag(net)ically [sic] attract your pet" and ensure they drink sufficient water.

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