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Cancer Cures


Bogus Cancer cures are prolific and devastating to some families. There are many "cures" offered, such as changing your diet to make your body more alkaline or using CBD - cannabis oil. There has never been a proven case of someone being cured of their cancer by anything other than the latest advancements in medical technology, whilst false "cures" offer false hope and often require gruelling regimes.

For families at one of the most vulnerable points in their lives such processes are expensive and extremely damaging. The people who knowingly sell bogus treatments are, in our view, feeding off the desperation of vulnerable people.

It's really important to remember that the people who take up these treatments are not gullible or stupid. They are vulnerable people looking for any hope and are exploited by reprehensible people. Skeptics should be careful to direct their attention where it can most make a difference. Attacking the users of alternative medicine is also an incredibly uncompassionate thing to do.

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