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Bermuda Triangle


The Bermuda Triangle is a well known and classic 'mysterious region' where supposedly countless ships and aircraft have disappeared without a trace. The area is loosely defined as making a triangular area off of Florida from Miami to Bermuda, down to Puerto Rico and back to Miami (though how it is defined by writers usually depends on the author's desire to include specific mysteries). An area which is an extremely busy shipping lane and is prone to hurricanes and deadly storms. Popular culture attributes missing ships and planes to some sort of paranormal or perhaps Extra-terrestrial activity, when in reality most are simply weather related, lacking evidence or simply badly reported.

The first mention of the Triangle as a place where mysterious disappearances take place, only dates to the early 1950's and the most commonly cited event was the disappearance of 'Flight 19', a group of navy aircraft that went missing on a training mission over the area in late 1945. By the 1970's a whole industry of books and articles appeared all positing supernatural causes for shipwrecks, sinkings, aircraft crashes and many other events that typically happen in the seas near a heavily populated area.

The US coastguard do not treat the area any different from other seas around the US, nor to Lloyds of London charge extra for insurance. Both keep detailed records of shipwrecks. Many of the incidents recounted in books about the area have been shown to be exaggerated or misreported - often they have taken place well outside the area or salient facts are either ignored or changed to fit the author's narrative.

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