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Behind The Bastards


Behind The Bastards is a podcast that should appeal to most skeptics. They cover a cavalcade of charlatans and con artists through history. The podcast host Robert Evans is a journalist who used to work for Cracked and now works freelance, including collaborating with Bellingcat investigations about “red pilling” on 8chan. Robert regales his guest co-hosts with the story of a charlatans and con artists, whilst the guest co-hosts (a mixture of comedians and journalist) react to the information.

Robert is open about his research and lists all his sources on the website for the podcast so that others can verify the information. He is open about his bias and tries to remain objective. The podcast has been commonly out weekly since May 2018, mostly splitting the story of a grifter over several episodes. The podcast is released through iHeart Radio

It has covered detailed history of subjects that are the usual fodder for skeptics, including L. Ron Hubbard, the anti-vaxx movement, MMS distributors and Mike Adams (Health Ranger!). Given current events in the world there is an emphasis on the grifters of the right wing. This weeks episode covers the origins of chiropractic “medicine”.

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