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Be Reasonable


Hosted by Michael Marshall from the Merseyside Skeptics Society, this is an interview show with a guest whose views could be considered "non-mainstream". Guests usually speak on a topic around which they possess outlandish or oft-busted myths or theories.They are interrogated in the spirit of good-natured, rational enquiry as Marsh attempts to get to the root of their beliefs or logical process.

Some of the beliefs of the interviewees can present real challenges. For instance a few guests have demonstrated racist and anti-semitic views, others promote diets or alternative treatment regimes which are extremely harmful. Marsh himself understands the criticism that giving them publicity could be counter-productive but his audience is mostly made up of skeptics and by interviewing these people, it allows his audience to hear these arguments an a relatively safe environment and therefore be in a better position to counter them.

Often a frustrating listen, nonetheless it is an important staple for many skeptics and provides evidence that the community can, sometimes, try and engage with people. Often to little or no avail, but at least somebody's trying...

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