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Ash Pryce


In March 2009, Ash Pryce – along with Alex Buque, Lloyd MacAlpine and Keir Liddle, founded the Edinburgh Skeptics Society. He helped it run through its early years and has been very prominent in UK skepticism since then. Ash was involved, along with professors Richard Wiseman and Caroline Watt, in investigating a ghostly image from Tantallon Castle - voted in 2009 the most convincing ghost photograph in the world (spoiler: it was probably just a tourist on the stairs). In 2010 he helped run the Edinburgh division of the 1023 campaign homeopathy overdose that took place outside Boots on Princes Street.

One of his earliest public shows with his skeptic’s hat firmly on was the walking tour “Ghosts Busted” which took a more critical look at the ghostly tales of Edinburgh. Since founding Edinburgh Skeptics he has nurtured his “mind reading” techniques and now performs as ‘Leicester’s [his home town] answer to Derren Brown’. Skills he discovered after he started out debunking psychic powers during his introductions to Edinburgh skeptics lecture nights.

Since those early days he has honed his mentalism skills to develop many fantastic shows using magic and trickery to replicate psychic phenomena, dubbing himself the Psychic Conman, and as a Paranormal Illusionist. He will be giving us one these shows at The Banshee Labyrinth at 7.30 tonight to help us raise money to donate to the PBH Free Fringe. Ash tours his shows around the UK and will be doing so later in 2019, so if you don't live in Edinburgh you might be able to catch him soon. For more details about shows and events Ash is staging visit

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