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Alex Jones


Conspiracy theorist, US radio presenter and cable TV host Alex Jones (not to be confused with the Welsh presenter of "The One Show") is best known for his far-right views, demagogic style, self-promotion and championing of absurd and dangerous consipracy theories. The list of the woo he peddles is not just restricted to the usual 9/11 truth, moon hoax, chemicals turning frogs gay, and climate change denialism, but includes such damaging ideas that the Sandy Hook massacre (a school shooting of 26 children and teachers) was a hoax and that the grieving parents were actors. He also promoted the idea that Hillary Clinton ran a peodophile ring in a pizza parlour basement, prompting a follower turning up at the restaurant armed and demanding to see the bodies in the basement.

Worryingly he is a friend of US president Donald Trump - who has appeared on Jones's radio shows - and Jones gained mainstream noteriety and fame as a result. Recently however, he has been removed from various social media outlets and is currently being sued by the parents of murdered children from Sandy Hook due to his reckless and shameful assaults on their grief.

The writer Jon Ronson describes his interaction with Jones in his book Them: Adventures with Extremists, where Jones and he secretly attend the 'Secret world-rulers' at the Bohemian Grove meetings in California.

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