Who is Robin Ince?


Robin Ince is the co-host of BBC R4’s Infinite Monkey Cage with Prof. Brian Cox, winner of the Rose d'Or, Sony Gold and, most importantly, Pointless Celebrities. 'He's defined a generation of comics' (Stewart Lee). 'The Ince brain is like a black hole in a galaxy of knowledge. When it collides with another black hole – say the Fringe – the energy waves that are produced are perceived, by us, as "shows". (Scotsman).

He has written, hosted and produced comedy shows for the BBC, appeared in stand-up with most of the UK’s top performers and co-founded the brilliant Cosmic Shambles Network, which creates and curates podcasts, digital content and live events for people with curious minds. People who want to find out more about our universe through science, art, history, philosophy, music, literature. People who believe ignorance is not bliss. People who want to keep on discovering and learning about our wondrous universe and who want to have a laugh while doing it. People who believe that it is indeed our curiosity that makes us human.

Today Robin will be appearing for our 50th(ish) event at Frankenstein's at 7.30, see you all then.