Mythbusters was a television show on the Discovery Channel, initially Featuring Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage and later featuring numerous co-hosts. The series lasted for 17 seasons over 13 years and many segments from the show are lodged into the brains of nerds worldwide. The show would bust myths and solve scientific and engineering questions by performing DIY experiments and collecting data on their outcomes.

Despite the imperfections in some of their methodology (no doubt due to the pressures and particulars of making television) their work has influenced many others and their work to try to use a more experimental, evidence-based approach to solving puzzles was commended.

The show was often famous for the fractured relationship between Hyneman and Savage - despite working together closely together for decades the pair were famously and publicly not friends. If you'd like to watch the show without committing to 45 minute episodes we can recommend the channel "Mythbusters for the Impatient" on YouTube.