Great Replacement Plan


The Great Replacement is a right-wing conspiracy theory that posits that (white) European culture is being replaced by non-European immigrants who within a few generations will be the majority because of their higher birth-rates. The term came from the 2012 book: Le Grand Replacement, by French writer Renaud Camus. It was specifically associated with the presence of Muslims in France and the potential destruction of French culture and civilisation. The idea has expanded further with some conspiracy theorists attributing this to intentional policies advanced by global and liberal elites from within the Government of France and the European Union - George Soros is frequently mentioned. Previous right-wing commentators have posited similar tropes. and the idea of replacement, or of white genocide, has always been used as part of the rhetoric of many far-right movements. Some historians point out that anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists have always talked about Jewish plots to destroy Christian Europe.

A number of European right-wing politicians have picked up the ideas of the GR theory, including PEDIGA in Germany, Marine Le Pen in France, Viktor Orban in Hungary and Matteo Salvini in Italy. In The Netherlands, Geert Wilders claimed that Holland was: "being replaced with mass immigration from non-western Islamic countries". In the US the idea has gained significant traction amongst right-wing commentators; Fox-News’ Tucker Carlson has been accused of using his prominence to promote the idea of demographic change caused by immigration and feminism, leading to the replacement and genocide of American white men. Trump’s tweets and comments invoke the language of replacement, describing immigrants as ‘invaders’. The perpetrator of the recent Christchurch massacre was primarily influenced by the Great Replacement conspiracy theory, even naming his manifesto after it.

Of course the theory is bunk. Muslim populations in Europe are small even in countries with large numbers of immigrants. For instance: in The Netherlands, 8.5% of the population were born outside of the EU. The theory ignores the fact that over 1-2 generations assimilation is the norm and that birth rates soon match those of the greater population. It is also predicated on the belief that ‘native’ culture is somehow better than ‘non-native’ culture and must be kept ‘clean’. Join us tonight for Dr Victoria Stiles talking about Fascist Thought in Britain, Past and Present, Free Fringe, 7:20, Banshee Labyrinth.