Glasgow Skeptics


On the 10th of November 2009, Edinburgh Skeptics Co-founder Ash Pryce set out on a mission to bring skepticism to the less enlightened parts of our nation. Armed only with a book of scientific principles, a passion for evangelising disbelief in the paranormal and a return train ticket back to civilisation, Ash journeyed into the unknown. As he stepped off the train at a foreboding Queen St station, he spotted a few friendly faces in the sinister surroundings from the Glasgow Brights organisation along with Ian Scott. Ian wanted to copy the successful model of Edinburgh Skeptics in his home town and had invited Ash to be the first speaker at the newly formed Glasgow Skeptics organisation at their inaugural Skeptics in the Pub event.

The group, under Ian's stewardship grew from strength to strength, attracting speakers and lectures from luminaries in science and free-thinking such as Prof. John Curtice, Aaron Raa, Prof Chris French, and, as a special 5 year anniversary event, Nate Phelps. If you are unfamiliar with Nate, he was the atheist son of fundamentalist hate-preacher Fred Phelps. Nate's father had died not long before his appearance at Glasgow Caledonian University and his talk was an unforgettable one for anyone there.

In 2016, just before the independence referendum, Ian and the group organised one of the largest public debates in Scotland. They had to turn people away from the 400+ capacity Mitchell Library theater they had hired for the event. Ian left shortly after this for pastures new and the group is now managed by Brian Eggo. Brian committed to a regular Monday-night, weekly event schedule, which he has consistently met. If you're ever in Glasgow on a Monday night and have nothing to do, check out Glasgow Skeptics as they will be organising something. As a celebration of the 10th Anniversary, Ash Pryce is once again speaking at the Admiral Bar tomorrow (Monday 11th) for the group. Meanwhile Brian is speaking for us this coming Tuesday 12th on Moon landing conspiracies, so come along to the Banshee to hear his great talk. May we wish the the second best skeptical organisation in Scotland, a very happy birthday.