David “Avocado” Wolfe


David “Avocado” Wolfe is an American author and woo peddler. His social media presence is significant and his memes get frequently shared despite often being vague, positive thinking sentiments that are easy for people to agree with. He’s a proponent of raw food and reflexology, he is also anti-GMO and an anti vaccine advocate. He’s been accused of discouraging people from seeking chemotherapy for cancer treatment in favour of diet changes and alternative therapies. Wolfe is a classic woo peddler who derides the profit driven “Big Pharma” whilst charging you for his alternatives therapies and retreats.

The list of nonsense that Wolfe has endorsed includes flat earth theory, salt woo, evolution denialism and gravity denial (yup, that’s a thing!). Wolfe believes that “mushrooms come from space” “chocolate is an octave of sun energy” and deer antler is “a cosmic substance” which he sells. He’s from the Deepak Chopra school of word salads that include vague terms like energy and flow, that are meaningless in the context they use them. Wolfe runs retreats which are reported to be substandard accommodation and one accusation of sexual assault from Wolfe. He has a selection of self published works and runs an online “health” magazine. Most of the content of the magazine doesn’t contain much original content and is mostly repurposed from other sources.

Today is Wolfe’s birthday, maybe he’ll get wiser with age. Wolfe’s woo peddling is common and easy for people to fall for. Vague sentiments about thinking positive are hard to argue with but when it replaces medical advice that’s when it’s dangerous. There’s also an insidious level of victim blaming lying just below the surface: the idea that those that don’t see a change just aren’t trying hard enough. To learn about more crazy woo that is peddled to the chronically ill come and hear Heather’s talk tonight as she walks us through her experiences with alternative practitioners and her illness.