Advertising Standards Authority


The Advertising Standards Agency is a UK regulatory body covering advertising in the UK. Its code of conduct covers many areas, but of prime interest to skeptics is their focus on inaccurate claims. They are self-funded by the industry and although they cannot legislate or interpret the law themselves, they broadly match the law with their guidelines.

Skeptics and activists across the country have used the ASA as a remedy for helping to quash damaging or inaccurate claims. There are many within skepticism who think that this kind of direct intervention is a bit OTT. We would disagree and indeed remind people that this is the entire point of why the ASA exists.

Regulatory bodies are created to protect consumers, some of who may be vulnerable, lacking in knowledge, or sometimes just a bit easily led. It is often the last recourse when putting accurate information out there isn’t doing the job for whatever reason. If you see something you think sounds a bit off then we’d recommend working with them. Do your (good) research, get it written up, and get in touch with them