9/11 Truth Movement


The group of people who refute the salient facts of the destruction of the World Trade Centre on Sept 11th 2001 by a group of Islamist terrorists are referred to as 9/11 Truthers, 9/11 Denialists and even 9/11 Skeptics. We would absolutely refute the use of ‘skeptics’ in this context as skepticism does not mean a denial of reality. We would refer to them as simply ‘Conspiracy Theorists’. Most Truthers have different ideas of what they think are the facts surrounding the events and what they think really happened. It ranges from legitimate questions about the security services actions before the event; the events on the day of the attack and the actions of first responders, and its aftermath by the government both in the immediate aftermath and the long-term response of the military by invading Iraq.

Within months of 9/11, books, articles and blogs appeared theorising what had happened. One of the first to posit a US military conspiracy was L'Effroyable imposture (Eng. 9/11 The Big Lie) by French journalist Thierry Meyssan in March 2002. He claimed the plane that ploughed into the Pentagon on September 11 never existed, and that the US establishment itself was at the heart of the New York and Washington attacks. His book became a best seller in French and English. The stories, theories and suspicions spread and grew over the nascent internet, fuelled by the lack of official reports. The official 9/11 Commission was not set up until November 2002 and took nearly 2 years to conclude its findings. This report faced legitimate criticism because the Bush government had strangled its funds and limited its scope.

Of course, with any large report like this there will be areas and conclusions reached not on good evidence but on the balance of probabilities and there will be judgments made that may need to be revised when further evidence comes to light. For people disposed to believing 9/11 was an inside job, no report produced by insiders would ever be authoritative and so these points gave them holes they could exploit. Most arguments you ever hear from 9/11 Truthers are exactly what you find with any conspiracy theorist. They constantly claim to be questioning but never look for answers, they always imagine they alone have the ‘Truth’ (hence 9/11 truthers) but never open themselves up to good, logical, evidentially consistent explanations and they rarely ever demonstrate any consistency or accuracy in their conclusions. There are always legitimate questions and concerns about the role of government agencies around that day but there is no evidence that there was a widespread conspiracy to force the USA into a war committed by right/left wing internal agents. There was a real conspiracy 18 years ago today. One by 19 high-jackers who deliberately and wilfully murdered nearly 3000 people in pursuit of their religiously motivated agenda.