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5th Generation mobile systems and devices are coming online today in several UK cities. The difference between 4G and 5G is mostly in the way the radio signals are dealt with and how they are modulated. For now 5G signals are using bandwidth in the same ballpark as 2/3&4 Gen signals do already and TV masts have used for decades..

There are a number of unfounded fears and concerns about the introduction of 5G which entered into the mainstream during the Corona Virus pandemic. Links to the virus being caused by or exacerbated by 5G radio signals spread around social media culminating in dozens of mobile phone masts being damaged by vandals and arsonists during the lockdown.

The truth is, there is absolutely no link to radio waves of any “G”, five or otherwise, interacting in the ways claimed by conspiracy theorists. Tonight (8pm Tue 2/6) we have our first Online event. Sean Slater talks about 5G Pseudoscience. You can view the talks and interact live here:

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