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Homoeopathy in NHS Lothian

Updated: May 30, 2018

The best studies show that #homeopathy works no better than a placebo; it becomes dangerous when people avoid taking evidence-based medicine or vaccinating their children because they are taking homoeopathic remedies.

In 2012 NHS Lothian conducted a public consultation “to understand the importance of homeopathy to local people” and decide whether NHS Lothian should fund homoeopathy with public money, diverting funds from other treatments. Some felt that the public should say how their money is spent, but #Skeptics think #policy decisions should be based on a good understanding of the best available #evidence.

Keir Liddle responded in full to NHS Lothian as President of Edinburgh Skeptics and his response was published in the Edinburgh Evening News. Edinburgh Skeptics published an on-line briefing which examined the research into homoeopathy and included information about NHS Lothian’s spending on homoeopathy obtained under a Freedom of Information request. This supported the many Lothian-based Edinburgh Skeptics who completed NHS Lothian’s survey, wrote to NHS Lothian in response to the consultation, and attended their public meetings.

In June 2013 NHS Lohian decided to “move away from providing homeopathic services in Lothian” saying:

"The survey results showed that 72% of all those who responded were against the service continuing to be funded by NHS Lothian with 27% in favour of the status quo and 1% undecided.” and “The majority of respondents cited lack of evidence for homeopathy and supported investing the funds currently spent on this service into other proven healthcare services.

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