We’re not letting a global pandemic and the cancellation of Edinburgh’s Festivals stop us from bringing our annual celebration of science, reason and critical thinking to the world.


Join us at 8pm each Tuesday of the three traditional fringe weeks in August on one of our amazing online events. All talks are free, live and interactive, and you don’t even need to visit the city this year to take part.   

Tue 11th, 18th & 25th Aug, 8:00pm – Online - check back on the day for the full link.


Please donate to PBH Free Fringe to help keep the Free Fringe free:   paypal.me/freefringe    

Carmen D'Cruz - Critical Thinking and Race
Why is race everywhere at the moment? What purpose does it serve, and why are so many people upset by it?
Prof. John Curtice - Is Scotland swinging towards independence?
Prof. Curtice will consider their implications for next year's Scottish Parliament election and beyond.
Dr Emma Briant - Researching Cambridge Analytica: : taking on the digital influence industry
Dr Briant examines the problematic complicity of academia in the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal
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