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Friends on the Fringe

Saturday 6 August 2016 

Smorgasbord of Fringe acts

07th Charles Cockell.jpg

Charles Cockell 

Sunday 7th Aug

Life in the Universe

08th Tristam Wyatt.jpg

Tristram Wyatt

Monday 8th Aug

Sexing Up Human Pheromones 

09th Leonard Sym.JPG

Leonard Sym

Tuesday 9th Aug

It's Never That Old! Science Denial and Radiocarbon Dating

10th Michael Marshal.jpg

Michael Marshall

Wednesday 10th August

Undercover Adventures in the World of Irrationality

11th Robin Tudge.jpg

Robin Tudge

Thursday 11th Aug

Touring North Korea: Beyond the Potemkin

12th Kat Arney.jpg

Kat Arney

Fri, 12 Aug

Herding Hemingway's Cats: Understanding how our genes work

13th Chris French B.JPG

Chris French

Sat, 13 Aug

The Psychology of Ghosts and Hauntings

14th Caroline Watt.jpg

Caroline Watt

Sun, 14th Aug

Investigating the Impossible: Is there Life After Death?

15th Ella Taylor Smith.jpg

Ella Taylor Smith

Mon, 15th Aug

Online and Offline Spaces for Democracy

16th Fran Day.jpg

Fran Day

Tue, 16th Aug

Physics Fan Fiction

17th Leslie Mabon B.jpg

Leslie Mabon

Wed, 17th Aug

Building a Boat of Confidence: Fishing after Fukushima

18th David Nutt.jpg

David Nutt

Thu, 18th Aug

Time to put Science at the Heart of Drug and Alcohol Policy

19th David Carmel.jpg

David Carmel

Fri, 19th Aug

The "Cheerleader Effect" and Replication in Psychology


Mid Fringe Binge

Sat, 20th Aug

Smorgasbord of Fringe acts

21st Brian Eggo.png

Brian Eggo

Sun, 21st Aug

Unpredicta-BULL: Scottish Psychics

22nd Stephen Makin.jpg

Stephen Makin

Mon, 22nd Aug

How to Read a Scientific Paper


Amanda Drake

Tue, 23rd Aug

How the Environment in Early Life Shapes who We are

24th Andrew Heald B.JPG

Andrew Heald

Wed, 24th Aug

·         Forestry Plantations: Sustainable Future or Unsustainable Past?

25th James Mollard.jpg

James Mollard

Thu, 25th Aug

·         Wake up Sheeple!: Communicating Climate Science


Anna Temp

Fri, 26th Aug

·         Humans in Extreme Environments: Exploring the Explorers on Svalbard

27th Keir Liddle.jpg

Keir Liddle

Sat, 27th Aug

·         Mind Games: The Psychology of Video Games


Devil's Advocate

Sun, 28th Aug

Devil's Advocate: "Steam Powered" Special Edition