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Fringe 2015  - Dude! Where's My Hoverboard?

In the year that Back to the Future promised so much, we promised an amazing line-up of speakers and guests.

2015 Fringe Logo.jpg

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Dude, where's my Hoverboard

Saturday 8th Aug

Various artists

09 Aug - Richard Godbehere -

Richard Firth-Godbehere    

Sunday 9th Aug

Lost Emotions and The Passions of the Minde in Generall

10 Aug - Ewan Leeming - Original.jpeg

Ewan Leeming

Monday 10th Aug

Time Travel In Popular Culture

11 Aug - Fern Sinclair Seth Amanfo - 100

Fern Sinclair & Seth Amanfo

Tuesday 11th Aug

Young Scientists, New Research

12 Aug - Steve Mould - Original.jpg

Steve Mould

Wednesday 12th August

My Mathematical Obsessions

13 Aug - Kathy and Michael.jpg

Kathy Charles & Michael Palkowski

Thursday 13th Aug

Fat Love: the World of Feederism and Erotic Weight Gain

14 Aug - Chella Quint - jpg - Original.j

Chella Quint

Fri, 14 Aug

Adventures in Menstruating

15 Aug - Lewis Dean - Original.jpg

Lewis Dean

Sat, 15 Aug

A Chimp on Trial

16 Aug - Miss Twist - 100.jpg

Miss Twist

Sun, 16th Aug

Lies, Damned Lies and Photoshop

17 Aug - Mhairi Stewart - Original.jpg

Mhairi Stewart

Mon, 17th Aug

Have Two become One? Exploring the interplay between Science and Art

18 Aug - Michael Head - Original.jpg

Michael Head

Tue, 18th Aug

To Vax or Not To Vax: An amble through vaccination and those who dangerously preach against it

19 Aug Mary-Ellen Donnelly -

Mary-Ellen Donnelly

Wed, 19th Aug

Putting Climate Change under Pressure

20 Aug - Lucy Pickering - Original.jpg

Lucy Pickering

Thu, 20th Aug

The Secret Life of the Public Toilet

21 Aug - Stuart Ritchie - Original.png

Stuart Ritchie

Fri, 21st Aug

Why is IQ so controversial?

22 Aug - Myles Power - Original.jpg

Myles Power

Sat, 22nd Aug

AIDS Denialism... yep that’s a thing

23 Aug - Alan McClure - Original.jpg

Alan McClure

Sun, 23rd Aug

Inspiration: Science or Soul?

24 Aug - Graham Smith - Original.jpg

Graham Smith

Mon, 24th Aug

Badgers and TB: black and white or 50 shades of grey?

25 Aug - Helen Arney by Alex Brenner - O

Helen Arney

Tue, 25th Aug

...Is In Her Element 

26 Aug - Thomas Hind - Original.jpg

Thomas Hind

Wed, 26th Aug

The Physics of Ghosts

27 Aug - Matt Parker - Original.jpg

Matt Parker

Thu, 27th Aug

Stands up for Maths


Charles Paxton & Gordon Rutter

Fri, 28th Aug

Looking for Bigfoot in Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens

2015 Fringe Logo.jpg

the End of Fringe Binge

Sat, 29th Aug

Fun night of frivolities 


David Frank

Sun, 30th Aug

Sex, Love & Marketing: How To Market Yourself On Online Dating Sites

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