Writeup – Mike Marshall – Adventures in the World of Pseudoscience

Michael Marshall, aka ‘Marsh’, kept his audience enthralled and entertained for the duration of his talk. His credentials? He’s Project Director of the Good Thinking Society, and Vice-President of the Merseyside Skeptics. His adventures in the pursuit of truth would be too unbelievable for fiction. He has dared to challenge the Psychic Detective, Joe Powers, in person, up close and personal. He offered him the chance to take James Randi’s one million dollar challenge – take the test, prove his talents and pocket th one million dollars. The story of how that meeting went had the audience laughing out loud, very loud. You can read about the sequel, just Google Psychic Joe Power and the two-man mob…

Marshall’s next skeptical investigation took him into the Liverpool Spiritualist Church on a quest to establish the validity of their claims to be able to contact the dead. He was interested to note the (obvious) tricks of the mediums involved. Glancing around the audience he was a little shocked to see, a couple of seats away from him, the very same Joe Powers.q

Marshall did not limit his investigations to Joe Powers, but covered other so-called psychics, Scientology and homoeopathy – the story about the attempts by the 1023 Campaign (www.1023.org.uk) to overdose on homoeopathy sleeping potions – it went World Wide on 6 February 2011, merited a talk on its own. Thanks to the Campaign the NHS updated their web page information about homoeopathy. Check out howdoeshomoeopathywork.com for a full, scientific answer to the eponymous question.