Writeup – Adam Cuerden – Oh, Rapture! It’s the Apocalypse!

If ever a talk was worth two exclamation marks in the title, this was it! The ever irrepressible Adam Cuerden (or was it Elvis?) gave us the low down on the fundamentalist Christian concept of the End of Days, also known as the Apocalypse, or the End of the World, and the Rapture which is supposed to precede it.

Adam is well qualified to tell us the fundamentalist view; he was raised in an American fundamentalist sect, the Open Bible Church. He was asked during the Q&A, “How did you come to realise it was all bollocks?” The short answer he gave was, “the Book of Revelations”. In the longer version, he revealed that he was advised to evaluate everything he was told, especially about science, by looking in the Bible. He did. Particularly the Book of Revelations. Then he decided it was bollocks.

It seems the theories and dates are a bit elastic when it comes to calculating dates in apocalyptic prognostication. Did you know the day in the prophecy is really a year? Or that the year is 360 days long? Well, if 365 days fits the maths better, go with that. And how do we know all the answers to the questions about what happens at the End of the World? Well, be like St. Augustine, just ask God. And the Rapture…? That’s what happens when all the righteous Christians are elevated to Heaven just before the unrighteous are forever cast into hellfire and damnation…