Review – Ash Pryce – How To Talk To The Dead

This show is called How To Talk To The Dead but it’s not really about that because you can’t really talk to the dead, it’s about the trickery psychics employ and how easily people can be fooled. The show is held in a small intimate room in the Southsider pub, the exact same room the last skeptics book club/social was held in. It was a one man show, Edinburgh Skeptics founder Ashley James Pryce being that one man. Ash, as he is known to Skeptics who know him, talked about witch burnings, possessions, ghosts, and seances. He took us through some of the tricks psychics use and why so called ghost photographs are not really ghosts at all.

There were volunteers from the audience who took part and at one point I was one them which was fun. Ash had a Ouija board and other things like some sort of strobe light torch which is supposed to detect ghosts and which of course does not detect anything. I am someone who finds it difficult to hold my attention to things, but Ash managed to hold my attention which is no mean feat. There is more I could tell you about the show especially about something that happened at the end but I don’t want to spoil it for people who have not seen it.

This show made me want to learn more about the subject. You might say that I was in high spirits after the show. Go see!