8/8/12 - Ash Pryce

I’ve tried talking about the Mayan End of the World prophecy before myself. It isn’t easy. Or rather, it is easy – ridiculously easy simply because there is so little to it. I can only give a large amount of respect and a reaction of awe that Ewan Leeming was able to hold an audience for an entire hour, speaking on something that he himself admitted was difficult to string beyond a few minutes. But he did it triumphantly.

Ewan has a style of presentation that is laid back, engaging and highly intelligent – clearly a hangover from his days as a maths teacher. The first two thirds of the talk looked at different calendar systems throughout the ages, and gave us a crash course in just how varied and crazy some of them were – from societies that simply forgot to add leap years which created massive problems and the loss of weeks and months through to how calendars were reformed and how even in ye olden days sexuality – specifically women’s – was used to sell even the most mundane of item, a calendar. He then crashed comet like into the main body of the talk, addressing the claims surrounding the Mayan end of the world prophecy. What is the Mayan end of the world prophecy?… erm… there isn’t one.

Video and Review – Ewan Leeming – The Mayan Calendar and The End of the World


Nada, Zip. Ziltch. I have great respect for Ewan being able to turn something that turns out to be as limited as the Mayan Prophecy into a great piece of Fringe performance but I have to reserve respect also for those corporate fat cats out there who have been able to turn a non existent prophecy into a multi billion pound industry of movies, books, television and goods. All in all, Ewan presented something that was everything a Fringe show should be – fun, entertaining, insightful, educative and a great night out enjoyed by all.

If there is video of the event, it will appear here