11/8/12 - Ben Turner

Professor A.C. Grayling joined us at the Jam House all the way from London and delivered a fascinating discussion of epistemology – the study of how we know things. As sceptics, this is a topic near and dear to us, but one we don’t often consider in any real depth. How do we know things? How do we know that we know things?

Professor Grayling also discussed scepticism in great detail, touching on Cartesian radical scepticism – questioning the very reality we experience – and giving a brief explanation of basic logical syllogisms, which are integral to forming rational arguments.

Video and Review – A C Grayling – It’s not what you believe, it’s why you believe it


The audience was captivated throughout his discussion and he concluded that healthy scepticism – critical thinking, questioning and investigating, rather than blindly accepting what we are told – is an essential part of living the Aristotelian “good life”, something we all ought to aspire towards.

If there is video of the event, it will appear here