22/8/12 - Ash Pryce

Tracy King is probably best known as the producer of the Storm movie and organiser extraordinaire of TAM London. She is also a game geek. Her talk covered various myths of the gaming world – the most prominent one being that video games lead to violence. A claim which is not supported – at least not in the long term. The conclusions Tracy came to, based on studies, were that it did cause heightened aggression in the short term – like 10 minute short term!

She also addressed the worrying world of online sexism and pointed out how women are treated differently online. She also proposed an interesting experiment – having her partner play a game whilst she spoke to other users on the headset, pretending to be the gamer to see reactions. A very interesting idea I hope she follows up on.

Review – Tracy King – Gaming Myths and Media Monsters: Bad Science in Game Culture


Tracy is an excellent speaker, funny and informative. An amazing talk that was a totally different, but so very relevant, part of skepticism. One thing about this Fringe that makes me proud is the sheer diversity of topics and Tracy helps to diversify that with her subject. Other skeptics groups – get her if you can!

If there is video of the event, it will appear here