22/8/12 - Ben Turner

Some might assert that knowing how magic works spoils the mystery and wonder of it, but Ash Pryce, a professional magician and founder of Edinburgh Skeptics, put the lie to that argument in the first of his three-part series on psychic trickery

Ash gave the audience a crash course in the various tricks of the trade used by so-called “psychics” and “faith healers” to hoodwink gullible audiences. He covered everything from cold reading to divine revelation and telekinesis, exposing the essential guesswork of television mediums like John Edward and the outright fraud of faith healers like Peter Popoff

Review – Ash Pryce – How to be a Psychic Conman


Of course, no show about psychic fraud and trickery would be complete without a few magic tricks of its own and Ash demonstrated his own prowess with card tricks, spoon-bending, and telekinesis all of which received well-deserved applause.

If there is video of the event, it will appear here