16/8/12 - Dalradian

Edinburgh Skeptics founder, Ash Pryce, has a series of three shows on The Beginners’ Guide to Psychic Trickery – here Dalradian finds out How to Predict the Future. The second in the series of Ash Pryce’s shows at the Southsider is the exciting and revelationary “How to Predict the Future”. He took us through various ways people use to prophesise including the Bible, Astrology and Graphology.

Numerous high profile companies still use pseudo-scientific means to select their staff, predicting their performance based upon their handwriting alone which was quite worrying.

Review – Ash Pryce – How to Predict the Future


The use of multiple “Barnum” statements by psychics including Nostradamus was fascinating, and showed how easily we can fit a prediction into what happens whilst forgetting all the other predications. Unfortunately my skull had too few bumps to give too much away using Phrenology but other volunteers saved the day as Ash performed a number of mind reading magic tricks at the end which left us suitably baffled and excited.

If there is video of the event, it will appear here