The inaugral season of  Skeptics on the Fringe  saw us run two shows daily, and an extra two at the weekend.

Our Skeptical Panel Game Devil’s Advocate every lunchtime followed by a talk At the Fringe of Reason each evening.  Weekend events included Ghosts Busted – the only Edinburgh walking tour which tells the facts behind the legends, myths and downright lies.

Reviews of Skeptics on the Fringe 2010

A flick through the programme reveals the great and the good of the skeptical sphere intermingled with less well known but highly interesting speakers in a series of lectures and panel discussions. –
Patrick Redmond of Birmingham Skeptics

It was nevertheless illuminating to hear the man at the centre of it all give a recap of his experiences of a law which puts all the burden of proof on the defendant, assumes them guilty until proven innocent, allows large organisations to sue individuals, and has resulted in a libel tourism culture so notorious that the US Senate has passed legislation to prevent its journalists and writers falling foul of the practice. 
Review of Simon Singh At The Fringe Of Reason by Dario Battisti on The Twenty-first Floor

Speakers At the Fringe of Reason 2010

  • Alex Buque: Why we Believe the Bizarre

  • Sergio Della Sala: Dichotomania

  • J F Derry: Darwin in Scotland

  • Professor Chris French: Anomalistic Psychology

  • Professor Chris French & Dr Caroline Watt: Anomalistic vs Para-psychology

  • Keir Liddle: Bad Arguments

  • Stephan Matthiesen: The Science of Altered States of Consciousness

  • Matt Parker: Clutching at Random Straws

  • Dr. Charles Paxton: The Kraken

  • Ash Pryce: Auld Reekie – Most Haunted City in Europe?

  • Ash Pryce: How to be a Psychic Con-man

  • Stuart Ritchie: Skeptical Shakespeare

  • Terry Rodgers:  A-Z of Skepticism

  • Daniela Rudloff: Mental Shortcuts

  • Gordon Rutter: A History of Spirit Photography

  • Simon Singh: Libel Tourism

  • Hayley Stevens, Michael Marshall, Trystan Swale: Righteous Indignation LIVE Podcast

  • Mike Williamson: Arguments for Religion (And why they are Rubbish!)

  • Dr Caroline Watt: The KPU (the Koestler Parapsychology Unit )

  • Professor Richard Wiseman: The Luck Factor

  • Challenging Joe Power