Writeup – Frances Ryan – Life in a Digital Fishbowl: Managing Your Reputation Online

For a self-confessed newbie on the ‘Talk’ scene, Frances Ryan gave a remarkably comprehensive guide to the pitfalls of the internet and social networking, and the possible impacts on reputations. It isn’t just our own posts to Facebook (and other networking sites are available – with similar attendant problems).

Frances is working on her PhD and her field of study is online reputation management. She shared some of her work and her concerns, as well as some more positive thoughts on the subject. Of course, it isn’t just the usual suspects we have to worry about when it comes to ourselves, and you don‘t have to go online yourself to be there… Frances’ uncle, for instance, has never gone online. Search Google and there he is. His local newspaper has an online version, his church has a website, his family do social networking, all of these pass on news of him and that news ends up online, disseminated through, possibly, thousands of friends of friends of … yes, you get the idea. Information, once online, stays there, and can come back to bite you. Ask Paris Brown. She lost her job due to ill-advised tweets. Reputations are made and lost online, and once lost, can be impossible to revive.

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