Writeup – Adam Cuerden – Oh, Rapture! It’s the Apocalypse!

Adam Cuerden was raised as a fundamentalist Christian in the states, but after period of time rejected those beliefs. Adam, dressed for some reason as Elvis, told us about what many fundamentalist Christians think is going to happen in the last days, like for example the rapture, where all the Christians will be taken up into heaven and the rest of us will suffer a terrible fate.

Adam told us how there is very little evidence for these beliefs (not even in the Bible). He also told us about some Christian authors who wrote about this stuff and how ridiculous these books are, namely Hal Linsey and his book ‘There’s a New World Coming’, although I know him for the book ‘The Late Great Planet Earth’ (1970), which sold no less then 28 million copies and was made into a film narrated by Orson Welles. Adam also talked about the book ’88 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Be in 1988′ by Edgar C. Whisenant, who was a former NASA engineer, which sold about 4.5 million copies. Adam also mentioned the Scofield Reference Bible which is a Bible that popularized dispensationalism. Put simply dispensationalism is what many fundamentalist Christians believe is going to happen in the last days and is quite a hard word to say when you’re drunk. The Scofield Bible means something to me personally, because I once naively bought one for a close relative for Christmas.

Adam was keen to stress that the talk is not an attack on Christianity; it was an attack on Christian fundamentalism. Adam did a great job in showing us what utter nonsense this rapture stuff is.