Volunteer to help

Edinburgh Skeptics Society is run entirely by volunteers and the Committee is working at full throttle, so we could do with your help if Edinburgh Skeptics is going to do everything we want to do.

This can be anything from updating a listings website once a month, to doing the Intro and the Outro at a talk, to being the Edinburgh contact for a Speaker during the Festival. It all helps us put on Events that are professional and free.

We’ve got a List of Things to Do, and clear how-to information for all of the Volunteer tasks. So if you’d like to help, fill out the form at the bottom of the page, Facebook us, or talk to one of the Committee at an event.

Do you have media skills?

    • Do you have skills with audio or video?
    • Are you media savvy with skills in writing or contacts in the local press?
    • Do you take great photographs?

If you are a student, this is great material for your CV: we want to put out videos, record items for podcasts and improve our digital marketing.  If you aren’t a student, it’s still a chance to use these skills in a satisfying and helpful way.

Or would you like to…?

Help out at one of the Skeptics in the Pub nights or At the Fringe of Reason

During the Festival and every month through the year, we need people to

    • Say “hello” to people arriving, and point them in the direction of the talk or the bar
    • Connect the PC or Mac to the projector, make sure the mic is working and the slides are ready to go
    • Make any announcements and introduce and thank the Speaker
    • Collect donations

It doesn’t have to be every time – if you’d like to help out one or two nights during the Festival, that would be great.

Help promote us online

This is pretty straight-forward stuff.  Blurbs and photos for each talk are on the website; we just need to turn them into Events in Facebook, tweet them using using Tweetdeck, and post them in online listings sites.  It could be something one person does, or we could split it between several people.  There are clear instructions; you’ll have the blurbs and photos, it’s just a (minimal) monthly time commitment. It is helping out without leaving home.

Act as a Speaker Host during the Festival

This does NOT involve providing accommodation.

If you act as the Host for one of our speakers, you may have to meet them at the station and bring them along to the venue.  You’ll look after them during the evening, making sure they know where the loos are, have a drink,  and aren’t left to fend for themselves. You’ll make sure they know how to get to wherever they are staying.

This is a chance to welcome visitors to Edinburgh and meet some really interesting people.

Fliering during the Festival 

We only flier shows where the audience might like to go to our talk that night, ie people like Richard Wiseman, Helen Arney, Matt Parker and so on.  You won’t be accosting strangers in the High Street dressed as a Skeptic (whatever that may mean).

Many hands make light work, so we need lots of people to do this, but hopefully you’ll only do it once or twice.

Don’t just be at the Festival, be part of it too!

Host one of our other monthly events, such as the Book Group or a Day Out

There’s not much to do with these, because they are mainly social events.  It mainly involves being there and being friendly and welcoming.

Helping out can be as often or as little as you like, it can be talking to people or working at a keyboard, however you help out it’s interesting, it’s satisfying and it’s fun.

If you’d like to help out

Just drop us a message using the form below or tweet us @edskeptics, send us an email or drop by our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/EdinburghSkeptics

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